A casket.

A casket is a small wooden chest with various items found inside. This item will drop through any monster above a certain combat level. The casket's drop rate is increased by the monster's combat level. However, there is a boosted casket monster list, where the drop rates for caskets are higher than normal.


Miscellaneous Rewards

Item Quantity Rarity
Raw Swordfish 15-75 Simple
Raw Lobster 15-75 Easy
Raw Shark 15-75 Simple
Uncut Sapphire 5-25 Easy
Uncut Emerald 5-20 Easy
Uncut Ruby 5-20 Common
Uncut Diamond 5-15 Mediary
Mithril Ore 15-75 Mediary
Adamant Ore 15-75 Decent
Coal 40-180 Common
Gold Charm 15-75 Common
Green Charm 15-75 Mediary
Crimson Charm 15-75 Decent
Blue Charm 15-75 Uncommon
Essence Impling Jar 1-2 Mediary
Electric Impling Jar 1-2 Decent
Nature Impling Jar 1-2 Uncommon
Magpie Impling Jar 1-2 Uncommon
Dragonstone 1-2 Uncommon
Loop Half of Key 1-2 Uncommon
Tooth Half of Key 1-2 Uncommon
Purple Sweets 50-200 Uncommon

Melee Rewards

Item Quantity Rarity
Rune Platebody 1-2 Mediary
Rune Full Helm 1-2 Mediary
Rune Platelegs 1-2 Mediary
Rune Plateskirt 1-2 Common
Rune Med Helm 1-2 Common
Rune Longsword 1-2 Mediary
Rune Scimitar 1-2 Mediary
Rune 2H Sword 1-2 Mediary
Rune Warhammer 1-2 Mediary
Rune Dagger 1-2 Common
Dragon Med Helm 1-2 Decent
Dragon Daggers 1-2 Decent
Dragon Mace 1-2 Decent
Dragon Platelegs 1-2 Uncommon
Dragon Plateskirt 1-2 Uncommon
Dragon Scimitar 1-2 Uncommon
Dharok's Greataxe 1 Very Rare
Dharok's Helmet 1 Very Rare
Dharok's Platebody 1 Very Rare
Dharok's Platelegs 1 Very Rare
Guthan's Warspear 1 Rare
Guthan's Helmet 1


Guthan's Platebody 1 Rare
Guthan's Platelegs 1 Rare
Torag's Hammers 1 Rare
Torag's Helmet 1 Rare
Torag's Platebody 1 Rare
Torag's Platelegs 1 Rare
Verac's Flail 1 Rare
Verac's Helmet 1 Rare
Verac's Brassard 1 Rare
Verac's Skirt 1 Rare